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Towson U; diversity in eating

October 5, 2008

Towson students:Do you miss home? Are you a stranger in a strange land? According to, a college guide tool, the diversity on this campus ranks a c-. The student body is 70% caucasian. I have been spending time regularly on this campus and it certainly has the “feel” of a diverse campus. With 30% minorities, out of a student population of just under 20,000 that converts to a great need for diverse restaurants in the area. For all those who are far from home and longing for that comfort food that feels familiar, I offer the following:

Chinese food

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

48 E Sudbrook Lane

410 602-1441

this suburban hideaway is located in a tacky strip mall, but the food is good and it may just feel like home!

Olive & Sesame

2 W Pennsylvania Ave.
(410) 494-4944

this spot is close to campus and the food is great. the vibe is a bit more upscale, so not too much of a chance on that homey feeling, but the food is good.

Middle Eastern food:


806 N. Charles Street

410 752-0311

Owner is brother of Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan. Yes, you will get the real deal here. Great area of downtown, near Mt. Vernon.

Lebanese Taverna

719 S. President Street

410 244-5533

In a hip downtown local. Close to many top restaurants. This is pricey and nothing feels like home here

Eastern European dining:


529 E Belvedere Avenue

Belvedere Square

410 433-7700

Great food,, great location, close to campus. This area has something for everyone. It is a coop market and Neopol is one of the vendors. food will remind you of home cooking just a bit better. they smoke all kinds of food and it is decadent.

Greek food

Acropolis Restaurant

4718 Eastern Ave

410 675-3384

locals say this is the place to go for authentic Greek. The owners are always around and may even love to hear of your life and time “back home”

Ikaros Restaurant

4805 Eastern Ave

410 633-3750

Another spot that will satisfy your need to be with your familiar people who know where you come from. You won’t be disappointed with the food either.