Pub food and drink / Towson University

How to find the “best” food and drink around TU? What does good mean to you? Are you looking for the most satisfying hamburger restaurant? How about the cheapest wings? Maybe it just means the closest place you can walk to? Let all your classmates in on what you have found in the dining establishments around the TU campus.

Personally, I love Bateman’s. I love the fact that you can sit at the bar, sit at a table, play pool, video games, and most of all I love the matchbooks that say: “Who is Bill Bateman?” on one side, and “Who gives a shit?” on the other side. This restaurant clearly has a sense of humor. I have yet to say a word about the burgers or the wings, which I think are both excellent.

For wings, I go to Cluck-U. No sitting to order, get off your butt and go to the bar to order. You can eat them in the tiny little space of a restaurant, or if you can wait long enough, take them back to your home base. But these wings are cheap enough, and the variety will satisfy those who hunger for the HOT stuff and those who may prefer sweet and spicy sauce.


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